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Can I just say I love my library? I really do! I love the physical space that I work in now. When I was a classroom teacher, I also loved my classroom. I had my student desks all in neat little rows and beautiful, inspiring posters on the wall. I taught US history for many years and I loved it. I loved my students, I loved the school, and I loved the subject matter that I taught.

Being in the library is much different than being a classroom teacher. I find that my passion about the library I manage for my school is that I want it to be a safe, inviting place for ALL people to be . . . not just the students, but the teachers and staff as well. I want them to come in, have a seat, read a magazine, or just sit and visit a little bit. I want the students and staff of my school to feel they can come in with a joy to share or a problem to solve. I’m here for them through it all.

I sometimes joke about my school library being an academic version of that bar in the TV show Cheers. If you remember that old show, the lyrics to the theme song referred to the bar as a place “where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.” Teaching is one of the world’s most difficult, yet rewarding professions and being a teenager in today’s society is also very difficult. Sometimes, my students and staff just want to be where somebody knows who they are and what makes them tick.

My library has relaxation stations where people can just sit and read. We have tables and chairs where people can work and we have 23 desktop computers, two printers, a scanner, and many books and magazines for people to use for pleasure or research. My co-worker and I do everything that we can to provide support to both staff and students as they go through their day.

We have three distinct sections of the library which affords us the opportunity to serve three classes at the same time in the library. Between two of the three sections, we have a long book shelf. Every month, we feature different books on this book shelf. We decorate the shelf for whatever holiday there might be in the near future, or maybe just for the season. Books are faced outward so students and staff can see the cover and are encouraged to pick the books up and look at them. Most of the books that are checked out in the library are checked out from that book shelf.

I’ve added some pictures to this post which I hope will reflect the buzz of activity that I like to see in my library. I’ve had more than one person, usually an older adult, who has come into my library only to come to me and say, “Why is it so loud in here? I came thinking it would be quiet.” My standard response to these people is, “Have you met me? I am not quiet and I cannot expect people who come into my space to be quiet if I cannot be quiet.” There are some quiet times, but we like activity in our library and when there is student activity in the library, it is never quiet . . . and I LOVE that!


10 thoughts on “My Library

  1. I am always fascinated with how libraries/media centers/learning commons are set up. There seem to be so many awesome ways to invite people to immerse themselves in literacy!

    I think you have a great start on your blog – I hope you keep posting!

  2. The library (public and school) was always a place I felt at home when I was growing up, so I love your reference to Cheers and the library being the place where everyone knows your name! So glad more young readers are feeling at home in the library space where you work! Thanks for sharing!

    • It makes me really happy that the kids like to come into the library and just hang out or do a little school work. I am grateful for that.

  3. I love the Cheers reference as well. I am struck by how different today’s libraries are from the “quiet” versions I remember from childhood. (Or did they just seem quieter back then because as a child it was tremendous work to use my inside voice?) I’m getting use to the busy, digital library but I still love the “quiet study rooms” when I can find them. 🙂

    • I wish we had some quiet rooms that we could reserve for people who needed them. Lots of college libraries have those, but sadly, we don’t in my high school. Thank you for your kind comments!

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